Working to assist others

Confrere Individual

We thought long and hard about our CSR policy and when we boiled it back, we came back to our principles, we believe in people!

How we encourage and support our staff, both in and out of work, has an impact on how they grow and how they offer our service to our clients.

That is why we have named our CSR policy “individual” if our staff have something important to them, we will support them as a team and as a business, because, as a team we can achieve more than our own limits.

Our name, confrere means, comrade and we will support our comrades in what charitable causes are important to them.

We support our staff by providing additional leave and financial support where reasonable, possible, and fair.

We all have a challenge, a cause, or reason that we want to support, where we can help, we will.

Let’s see what we can achieve!