About us

we work hard to make it feel easy

During the process of developing our business we reached out to a range of companies and asked them what they really want from a modern day “Building Control Body”.

The overriding response was “we want a service”. And “we want that service delivered at our speed”. “It needs to be proactive, supportive and work with our systems”.

We listened, and understand. Receiving slow or inaccurate responses creates frustrations, generates delays and adds to site costs. It can also make the difference between winning and losing an appointment.

Every element of our business has been designed to support and service our clients. This started with our name:

Definition of confrere : colleague, comrade

Once we created our name we worked to develop our vision, mission and values to encapsulate what our clients wanted to see and what we believe in.

Our Vision

To provide the best service and opportunities in Building Control.

Our Mission

To support our clients and their people through compliance so they can design and deliver outstanding buildings, where people can thrive safely.

To embrace and invest in our staff and the next generation of surveyors to deliver proactive, supportive, expert guidance, allowing the creation of a safe built environment.

  • Our Values

  • Always learning

    Always learning

    We embrace the knowledge of our clients, colleagues, and our professional bodies to assist in our development, as people and as a business. We share our learning to benefit our clients, our staff and consultants.

  • Commercially Aware

    Commercially Aware

    We provide advice in advance of need, proactively servicing the need to protect our clients. We maintain and drive the simplification of systems and procedures to assist our clients achieve and manage compliance without barriers.

  • Teamwork


    We work as a team, internally and with our clients, combining our knowledge, skills and experience to assist them achieve compliance, design, and client objectives as well as safe environment for all.

  • Resources


    We care about our image and the quality of our service we provide. Where we do not have the resources to service work, we will decline the invitation to be involved.

  • Respect


    We respect the skills, abilities, and personalities of others, in the knowledge that diversity creates stronger teams, better ideas and a safer environment for all.